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STP4012 VCF PCB-Panel set
2-3 workdays 2-3 workdays  (abroad may vary)
0.8 kg per piece
78,00 EUR

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this Powersupply PCB was designed by me with my own requirements, especially for the TTSH and other -12/-15V/-18V + 12/+15/+18V DC outputs 
Fuses for Input and Output
massive Terminal connectors
different options to mount the LM337/LM317

more infos and BOM on:
14,00 EUR
Arp1601 Step1 Fix Mod PCB
This Modification helps to syncronize the first step1 to an external source.
when you try to sync from an external source the step2 is in sync with step1 from external.
This Mod fix this issue, for original 1601 and clones
PCB only - BOM and buildguide is available on my website
8,00 EUR
TTSH Balanced Driver PCB
unpopulated Balanced Driver PCB for THAT1646 OPamps for balanced - Symmetric outputs.
XLR supported by the TRS Header.
the 6.3mm jack is optional 

the circuit works for 12V/-12V up to 18V/-18V
​i offer assembled PCBs too

BOM und Buildguide:
10,00 EUR