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Balanced Driver assembled
populated Balanced Driver PCB for THAT1646 OPamps for balanced - Symmetric outputs.
XLR supported by the TRS Header.
the 6.3mm jack is optional 

the circuit works for 12V/-12V up to 18V/-18V

BOM und Buildguide:
35,00 EUR
SOIC16 to DIP16 Adapter
SOIC16 to DIP16 Adapter
1,00 EUR
Kijimi Output Mod PCB
This PCB is only for the DIY Version of the Kijimi.
The PCB is unpopulated and contains 2 pcbs - one for the Potentiometer and one for the Jacks.
You get 8 Outputs 1/per Voice and one LEFT and RIGHT Output.
You can change the balance/Panorama for each voice.

an build guide is on my website:
23,00 EUR
2K Tempco Resistor
2K Tempco 1/8W THT 3300ppm from Akaneohm
2,30 EUR
MOTM-MU-Adapter PCB motz dotcom mta156 mta100
1,50 EUR
Arp1601 Step1 Fix Mod PCB - Kopie
This Modification helps to syncronize the first step1 to an external source.
when you try to sync from an external source the step2 is in sync with step1 from external.
This Mod fix this issue, for original 1601 and clones

assembled PCB with 2 ICs.
the CD4520 has to be used from your 1601 - and drop this pcb in this place.
 - BOM and buildguide is available on my website
25,00 EUR

New product

v4.0 OS der TR-909/RE-909
Eprom preprogrammed with OS 4 Firmware

Sparepart for TR-909 or for Re-909 builds
12,00 EUR